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Computer Vision with Deep Learning

Our mission with this course is to offer you a solid foundation in the subject of computer vision, develop your confidence to solve real-world problems, curiosity to keep improving and connect your talent with exciting jobs in the industry.

Deep Learning Foundation

You will be able to understand what neural networks are, how they learn, and how to use their power to solve real-world problems.


Deployment of Deep Learning Models

Learn how to use your model in real life applications by deploying on a browser, cloud service, mobile device and embedded systems.

The Experience

Each and every of our courses have all these in mind:


Flexible teaching is accommodating of this curiosity, allowing lessons to have a much looser structure, letting discussions and thoughts play out and following them to see where they go.

Hands-On Learning

We believe in learning by doing. That is why we engage the students in direct experience and focuses on reflection to enhance the students’ knowledge and skillset.

Real-Life Experiences

We offer courses inspired by real-life experiences from the tech industry. Giving you the opportunity to deepen your technical skills.

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The Academy

Our Sebratec Academy provides full educational experience with theoretical and practical activities exploring the main areas and hot topics in the tech industry. Our courses take in consideration the specific needs of your business and team members and our classes can be made available in our classroom facilities, at your office or even take place remotely.

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